13 Jul

It does not come as a surprise that Apple’s brand new release in the already beautiful world of technology is called the “OS X MAVERICKS”. All over the internet and bristling across the ether we hear the word “MAVERICK” being whispered, blogged about shouted, and discussed. The question remains eternally…was maverickness already vibrating in the collective unconscious? Is it now being accessed by individual psyches simultaneously and globally? That being the case we are proud to announce that we were amongst the first to proclaim ourselves MAVERICK and although it is not always been easy it is good to know that even Apple has finally followed suit. 



12 Jul

The MW team is hard at work preparing for the Edinburgh Festival. Maverick Creative Director Kathy-Jo Wein is also co creator and director of the smash hit musical DRUM STRUCK along with her old friend and partner Warren Lieberman who is producing and co directing. DRUM STRUCK is appearing at the prestigious 740 seater Assembly Hall as part of the South African Festival. Lara Foot’s extraordinary Marion and Solomon starring Janet Suzman is also part of the program. DRUM STRUCK this year features a brilliant and funny narrative about the legendary UBUNTU QUEEN played by the sensational Tiny Modise.  An all star cast, a clever and funny story AND every audience member gets their own drum to play! If you are in Edinburgh come and see the show and help us spread the word UBUNTU in the theatre, the festival, Edinburgh, Scotland and ultimately of course…the WORLD!


23 Jun

The MW team went to see Lara Foot’s masterpiece at the Auto and General Theatre on the Square. It stars Dame Janet Suzman and the brilliant Khayalethu Anthony. We felt so connected to the piece having worked with both Brett Goldin whose tragic and senseless murder inspired the work and Mannie Mannim whose genius lighting design is like another silent but beautiful character in the story.The bittersweet story of an unlikely friendship, the unspeakable pain of loss, the unbearable contradictions of this country and the people who live here. It re affirmed all the spectacular achievements that local performing artists can and do produce and made us very proud to be associated with all things South African and all things that are unique to us. 


16 Jun

This year is the first time since its inception in 2001, that two touring casts of the smash hit musical phenomenon DRUM STRUCK will be traveling simultaneously to different parts of the world.  Co created and directed by MW Creative Director Kathy-Jo Wein, DRUM STRUCK has been a much loved show on the Japanese entertainment calendar for the past six years. This year, a second cast will be appearing on the Edinburgh Fringe at the coveted 770 seater the Assembly. DRUM STRUCK has a brilliant new book written by prodigious South African writing talent Stephen Francis. The tone is wickedly irreverent and funny in the style of Book of Mormon whilst maintaining it’s warm, engaging family appeal. All the brilliant musical numbers and interactive drumming scenes that have made this production unique are cleverly featured in the story of the Ubuntu Queen. Mega talent Tiny Modise plays the Ubuntu Queen and mesmerizing singer/song writer Wendy Oldfield is DRUM STRUCK Edinburgh’s quirky special surprise. The South African contributions to major international arts festivals, the biggest of which is Edinburgh, continues to make the MW team extremely proud and this year promises to be the best one yet.

Drum Struck’s Journey Through Time

10 Jun

Drum Struck's Journey Through Time.

Maverick Warehouse’s Kathy-jo Wein busy in rehearsals for the 2013 Japan Tour and 2013 Edinburgh Tour with an all new Drumstruck show.



2 Jun


Appearing at Kippies in Newtown is a show that borrows from a 12th century old Japanese art of storytelling known as Kamishibai (directly translated as “paper story”) colourfully used to tell seven stories as far and wide as that of Nelson Mandela, to those with a bit of hentei, all in one show.
Co-written by Gwydin Beynon and Jemma Kahn, who also shares the stage with performer Klara van Wyk, known as the “Chalk Girl,” the three have captivated audiences from Japan to Amsterdam, recapturing this age old art now practiced by fewer than 100 Kamishibai performers in its native land, and thought to also be the predecessor of manga and anime.
Jemma Kahn studied Kamishibai under the veteran performer Roukda Genji, with whom she travelled and performed extensively throughout Japan. In The Epicene Butcher, Kahn performs seven eclectic Kamishibai stories that take on such divergent themes as heaven and hell, pornography, Gothic tragedy and the dream life of cats.
This theatrical oddity is on for one more week only at the Market Theatre, after the show’s runaway successes as The National Arts Festival and Amsterdam Fringe Festival 2012 and Musho! International Theatre Festival 2013. The MW team love it! As fellow mavericks we recommend it to everyone who loves good art and brilliant performance. See it!


28 May

The MW team have an insider on the 2013 production of DRUM STRUCK and the news is exciting. New cast members, a new narrative, new tour destinations and a general buzz all round. We will reveal the scoop as and when can confirm the details but watch this space….


Wendy Oldfield…better than ever

24 May

Wendy Oldfield...better than ever

Seeing Wendy Oldfield perform last night at Hotspot in Observatory Johannesburg was a rare treat. After being absent from the Jozi music scene for a while it was delightful to experience her again, more mature, more relaxed and frankly thrilling. Her song writing is blazing hot and she has settled into her own skin in a sexy, confident way that only an artist who has been around for a bit can achieve. Wendy’s lyrics and melodies come straight from the soul of someone who has grappled with the hard knocks and blissful sweetness that come from being alive for a certain length of time. I loved it. Inspirational.


Trevor Noah on Letterman

22 May

Trevor Noah on Letterman

Local stand up Trevor Noah rocked the David Letterman show this week. His South African shtick makes him clever, different and very funny. The Maverick team are huge fans and he makes us proud and optimistic. Go Trev!


HERE COMES HONEY BOO BOO…and Glitzy her gay piglet

21 May

HERE COMES HONEY BOO BOO...and Glitzy her gay piglet

The Mavericks are excited about TLCs new series Here Comes Honey Boo Boo. Launched amidst the hand wringing of the pundits and the Hollywood Reporter urging people not to watch “Hold fast against dehumanization and the incremental tearing down of social fabric” it raged. Blissfully not giving a damn, the relaxed, close knit family will be flinging themselves into mud puddles along with whooping and cheering from the neighbours. In an early episode, Honey Boo Boo, the wise 7 year old failed beauty queen, is given a male teacup piglet. She calls him Glitzy and paints his trotters purple. This obviously prompted a conversation about whether this was appropriate and whether all of this would affect his sexuality. Honey Boo Boo’s response is “Everyone’s a little gay…ain’t nothing wrong with being gay. You can’t stop my pig being gay.” The MW team agree we need more that kind of liberality in the world so bring on that liberal, blue collar, trashy reality TV…