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And the voice of reason goes too … Arts is a vital part of any society

23 Nov



SA needs the arts … We agree!

26 Oct

Creatiuve Economy

Art in Business – The key to true innovation

22 Oct


We certainly believe this is the case … Arts in all forms in business can teach the business world discipline, passion, collaboration & partnership, trust, grooming, preparation, commitment, curiosity, repetition, stress management, strategy, diversity, magic & attention to detail. The Arts makes you feel, gives you hope, feeds the soul and creates a Return on Influence (ROI) … which is long-tail advantage in todays business environment.



18 Nov

Performance Ingenuity

It is through the ingenuity of human performance and music that emotions are stirred and lasting results can have a sudden and rapid impact … performing art, discipline, sound, emotions.

Take the latest video garnering massive hits (24 million plus) in the 5 days it has been up on YouTube. Volvo Trucks – The Epic Split feat. Van Damme (Live Test 6) has caught Maverick’s attention as it speaks to the foundation of the convergence between performance, art forms, sound, music, storytelling, discipline learnt in performing & martial arts and then the world of engineering, science, exact calculations, strategy and marketing.

We applaud the creators, editors, stunt personal, actors and creative team behind this ad as well as the engineers, marketers, finance teams, project teams and more from Volvo. It is exactly this convergent space between art forms, performance, business and engineering that is the space we believe is where possibility lies … and where conversations are sparked.





Drum Struck’s Journey Through Time

10 Jun

Drum Struck's Journey Through Time.

Maverick Warehouse’s Kathy-jo Wein busy in rehearsals for the 2013 Japan Tour and 2013 Edinburgh Tour with an all new Drumstruck show.

I am the Boss of Me

5 May

This is the everyday challenge of being ‘self-employed’ … especially in the Performing Arts, Music & Visual Arts world … but that too doesnt mean as artists that we should not be afforded benefits and legislative support that most employed individuals around the world have access too.

"Followspot" - The SAGA blog

By Adrian Galley


Irene Adler:   Now, by the looks of things, I’d say you were between jobs.

 Sherlock Holmes:   And you between husbands.


Being ‘between jobs’ has long been a euphemism for ‘unemployment’ but, is a freelance actor ever in fact ‘employed’? In South Africa, at any rate, even when an actor is working, he or she is not employed, but rather ‘contracted’. You see, actors are considered to be ‘Independent Contractors’: in other words, to be ‘self employed’. Aye, there’s the rub.

To be, or not to be an employee, that is the question.

It’s crucial that actors consider the implications of Hamlet’s musings: the distinction between having a job on the one hand, and being your own boss on the other, has far reaching consequences, legal, financial, moral and ethical.

On the face of it, as anyone leading a nine-to-five existence will tell…

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Into the future & beyond …

9 Apr

Into the future & beyond …

Beardyman, one of Maverick Warehouse’s favourite UK musicians/creative genius’ unveils the Beardytron 5000 …. check it out … the first video giving a little tiny insight into this masterpiece … #awestruck!


Bothlale Boikanyo … Dynamic little star

22 Feb

Bothlale Boikanyo … Dynamic little star ….

True to the comments of this young and confident poet, Botlhale Boikanyo who drove in from Imperial Reserve, Mafikeng is certainly a dynamic rising star.

Quiet and quite shy in person, it is as if a light comes on when she walks onto the stage. A lover of music, ballroom & latin dancing and the spoken word Bothlale certainly seems to have had a whirlwind experience in the last 18 months.

SA’s Got Talent 2012 winner performed her two poems “My first black President” and “Proudly South African” at the CNBC/ABN Productions Chairman’s Corner dinner. Bothlale really brought hope for the future and South Africans and role models into the room as she lit up the stage …


“We aren’t in a…

21 Feb

“We aren’t in an information age, we are in an entertainment age.”
Tony Robbins

Quote for the day …



21 Feb


Our favourite close harmony group … aca-THATU. These guys will make any event a hit …