22 Oct

Yesterday I posted a piece about the traits of successful people that the MW team are studying and analysing closely. We are inspired by the triumph of people who achieve great things in spite of great adversity and resistance. I spoke yesterday about having a plan…a written plan so that clarity in terms of an end goal are clearly articulated. Another characteristic successful people have in common is the fact they are constantly going through the necessary steps to improve themselves. They are learning and reading and going to lectures and listening with the explicit intention of becoming more expert in their particular field. Successful people very often don’t go after money as an end goal. They pursue their passion and expertise with every ounce of their being and money becomes the happy by-product of the value they are able to bring. Most successful people are not satisfied by being good at what they do. They strive continually to be the best. The best they can be, the best product they can offer, the best service they can supply. The message is clear…don’t settle for good…get better and aim for BEST.


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