21 Oct

When thinking about people we admire in our own industry and others, the MW team have started to identify specific traits that the successful people we hold in such high esteem have in common. Right up there at the top of the list is the fact that successful people constantly define and refine their vision, aim and purpose. If we are going to aim for a dream and really go for it it is our duty as entrepreneurs and personal brand ambassadors to constantly seek clarity in articulating our end goals.  We need to keep revisiting the definition of our vision until we are absolutely clear about what it is  we intend to achieve. How else do we keep on track? If the message you are giving yourself and others is vague or wishy washy there is little chance of manifesting anything specific. So…grab a pen and a notepad and start writing. Write in as much detail as you can possibly manage. Be clear about all aspects. If you intend to build a business with a turnover or 1 million rand a month write that down! If you intend to build  a business with a turn over of 10 million rand a month write THAT down. Be specific. How else do you expect G-d/Source/The Universe or whatever you choose to call the higher intelligence to know exactly what to deliver to you? Ready? Get set…..write!


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