18 Nov

Performance Ingenuity

It is through the ingenuity of human performance and music that emotions are stirred and lasting results can have a sudden and rapid impact … performing art, discipline, sound, emotions.

Take the latest video garnering massive hits (24 million plus) in the 5 days it has been up on YouTube. Volvo Trucks – The Epic Split feat. Van Damme (Live Test 6) has caught Maverick’s attention as it speaks to the foundation of the convergence between performance, art forms, sound, music, storytelling, discipline learnt in performing & martial arts and then the world of engineering, science, exact calculations, strategy and marketing.

We applaud the creators, editors, stunt personal, actors and creative team behind this ad as well as the engineers, marketers, finance teams, project teams and more from Volvo. It is exactly this convergent space between art forms, performance, business and engineering that is the space we believe is where possibility lies … and where conversations are sparked.






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