HERE COMES HONEY BOO BOO…and Glitzy her gay piglet

21 May

HERE COMES HONEY BOO BOO...and Glitzy her gay piglet

The Mavericks are excited about TLCs new series Here Comes Honey Boo Boo. Launched amidst the hand wringing of the pundits and the Hollywood Reporter urging people not to watch “Hold fast against dehumanization and the incremental tearing down of social fabric” it raged. Blissfully not giving a damn, the relaxed, close knit family will be flinging themselves into mud puddles along with whooping and cheering from the neighbours. In an early episode, Honey Boo Boo, the wise 7 year old failed beauty queen, is given a male teacup piglet. She calls him Glitzy and paints his trotters purple. This obviously prompted a conversation about whether this was appropriate and whether all of this would affect his sexuality. Honey Boo Boo’s response is “Everyone’s a little gay…ain’t nothing wrong with being gay. You can’t stop my pig being gay.” The MW team agree we need more that kind of liberality in the world so bring on that liberal, blue collar, trashy reality TV…


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