18 May

We’ve all heard traditionalists moan and groan about the decline in audience attendance to conventional performing spaces. One fact about the performing arts in the 21st Century is clear. Participation in the arts has actually increased substantially-through the media, both digital and electronic. There are real factors at play here influencing the decrease in attendance to live performances. These include cost, transportation, childcare and insufficient arts education programs which is acknowledged as crucial in playing a role in creating future audiences. The Mavericks know these things. We are fully aware that consumers of all things are now accustomed to experiencing their entertainment and getting their information where, when and how they choose. That is why we apply ourselves so diligently to creating entertainment for our clients that takes the message straight to their customers-either to their smart devices or into their lives at their taxi ranks, on the train platforms, to their universities and shopping places. Great entertainment, for real people, living in the real world. Takin it to the street…to the max.


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