I am the Boss of Me

5 May

This is the everyday challenge of being ‘self-employed’ … especially in the Performing Arts, Music & Visual Arts world … but that too doesnt mean as artists that we should not be afforded benefits and legislative support that most employed individuals around the world have access too.

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By Adrian Galley


Irene Adler:   Now, by the looks of things, I’d say you were between jobs.

 Sherlock Holmes:   And you between husbands.


Being ‘between jobs’ has long been a euphemism for ‘unemployment’ but, is a freelance actor ever in fact ‘employed’? In South Africa, at any rate, even when an actor is working, he or she is not employed, but rather ‘contracted’. You see, actors are considered to be ‘Independent Contractors’: in other words, to be ‘self employed’. Aye, there’s the rub.

To be, or not to be an employee, that is the question.

It’s crucial that actors consider the implications of Hamlet’s musings: the distinction between having a job on the one hand, and being your own boss on the other, has far reaching consequences, legal, financial, moral and ethical.

On the face of it, as anyone leading a nine-to-five existence will tell…

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