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28 May

The MW team have an insider on the 2013 production of DRUM STRUCK and the news is exciting. New cast members, a new narrative, new tour destinations and a general buzz all round. We will reveal the scoop as and when can confirm the details but watch this space….


Wendy Oldfield…better than ever

24 May

Wendy Oldfield...better than ever

Seeing Wendy Oldfield perform last night at Hotspot in Observatory Johannesburg was a rare treat. After being absent from the Jozi music scene for a while it was delightful to experience her again, more mature, more relaxed and frankly thrilling. Her song writing is blazing hot and she has settled into her own skin in a sexy, confident way that only an artist who has been around for a bit can achieve. Wendy’s lyrics and melodies come straight from the soul of someone who has grappled with the hard knocks and blissful sweetness that come from being alive for a certain length of time. I loved it. Inspirational.


Trevor Noah on Letterman

22 May

Trevor Noah on Letterman

Local stand up Trevor Noah rocked the David Letterman show this week. His South African shtick makes him clever, different and very funny. The Maverick team are huge fans and he makes us proud and optimistic. Go Trev!


HERE COMES HONEY BOO BOO…and Glitzy her gay piglet

21 May

HERE COMES HONEY BOO BOO...and Glitzy her gay piglet

The Mavericks are excited about TLCs new series Here Comes Honey Boo Boo. Launched amidst the hand wringing of the pundits and the Hollywood Reporter urging people not to watch “Hold fast against dehumanization and the incremental tearing down of social fabric” it raged. Blissfully not giving a damn, the relaxed, close knit family will be flinging themselves into mud puddles along with whooping and cheering from the neighbours. In an early episode, Honey Boo Boo, the wise 7 year old failed beauty queen, is given a male teacup piglet. She calls him Glitzy and paints his trotters purple. This obviously prompted a conversation about whether this was appropriate and whether all of this would affect his sexuality. Honey Boo Boo’s response is “Everyone’s a little gay…ain’t nothing wrong with being gay. You can’t stop my pig being gay.” The MW team agree we need more that kind of liberality in the world so bring on that liberal, blue collar, trashy reality TV…


18 May

We’ve all heard traditionalists moan and groan about the decline in audience attendance to conventional performing spaces. One fact about the performing arts in the 21st Century is clear. Participation in the arts has actually increased substantially-through the media, both digital and electronic. There are real factors at play here influencing the decrease in attendance to live performances. These include cost, transportation, childcare and insufficient arts education programs which is acknowledged as crucial in playing a role in creating future audiences. The Mavericks know these things. We are fully aware that consumers of all things are now accustomed to experiencing their entertainment and getting their information where, when and how they choose. That is why we apply ourselves so diligently to creating entertainment for our clients that takes the message straight to their customers-either to their smart devices or into their lives at their taxi ranks, on the train platforms, to their universities and shopping places. Great entertainment, for real people, living in the real world. Takin it to the street…to the max.

I am the Boss of Me

5 May

This is the everyday challenge of being ‘self-employed’ … especially in the Performing Arts, Music & Visual Arts world … but that too doesnt mean as artists that we should not be afforded benefits and legislative support that most employed individuals around the world have access too.

"Followspot" - The SAGA blog

By Adrian Galley


Irene Adler:   Now, by the looks of things, I’d say you were between jobs.

 Sherlock Holmes:   And you between husbands.


Being ‘between jobs’ has long been a euphemism for ‘unemployment’ but, is a freelance actor ever in fact ‘employed’? In South Africa, at any rate, even when an actor is working, he or she is not employed, but rather ‘contracted’. You see, actors are considered to be ‘Independent Contractors’: in other words, to be ‘self employed’. Aye, there’s the rub.

To be, or not to be an employee, that is the question.

It’s crucial that actors consider the implications of Hamlet’s musings: the distinction between having a job on the one hand, and being your own boss on the other, has far reaching consequences, legal, financial, moral and ethical.

On the face of it, as anyone leading a nine-to-five existence will tell…

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2 May