20 Apr

The Mavericks have long believed that the most powerful way to enhance consumer arousal and effect is the use of evocative music. The team at MW know from experience with below-the-line brand roadshows and activations that music enhances key messages and is perhaps the single most stimulating component in any campaign. Music is known to increase emotional arousal in subjects and significantly affect the way people feel. So here’s the thing…what that means is attitudes to brands and intent to purchase has been shown to increase with heightened emotional responses. The better you make people feel, the more likely are they are to engage with your brand. Music enhances emotions… and emotions guide and influence consumer behaviour. I remember attending the launch of Grolsch in South Africa a few years ago where the brand’s musical signature, a remix of Kylie Minogue’s 2 Hearts was played on a loop. It was played for the entire duration of the event, several hours in fact. You would expect it to get boring and irritating but in fact it was the opposite. It was such a sexy, catchy hook that no one minded listening to it hundreds of times. People fell in love with the music and the brand. Music can do the same for your brand…so go ahead, hit play!


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