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OH BABY………..

27 Mar

Oh baby....

By now I would have thought that everyone who knows us even slightly, is aware that Maverick Warehouse is developing artists in our incubation project and one of those acts is a close harmony group called aca-Thatu. When passion is ignited in the human heart it is almost always accompanied by its’ opposite and equally overwhelming emotion…frustration. In our determination to support this extraordinary act in its journey to success we feel like any other person or entity who has had teething trouble and other obstacles along the way. The rewards however far outweigh the challenges and the Maverick Warehouse team literally exploded with pride this week when aca-Thatu put the finishing touches on two beautiful original songs. Watch out for Ngiyakhumbula and Tender Love. Awesome.



17 Mar

I loved seeing David Bowie on the cover of the Sunday Times Lifestyle section. The article (from where I took my title) brilliantly written by Sean O’Hagan provides a valuable commentary about this icon on the eve of the blockbuster exhibition called “David Bowie is” due to open this week at the Victoria and Albert Museum. It was particularly meaningful for me because Bowie quintessentially defines my realisation as a teenager that I was undeniably an artist. I used him and the darkly alien album ALADDIN SANE (1973) as my reference point for navigating the road map that made me as an artist different from the rest of the population. What resonated most for me was the fact that I saw how uncomfortable it was for him to be in this world, how strange and dark his universe was in the 70’s and 80’s. It was comforting for me to know that although I was a middle class teenager living in an Apartheid state on the tip of Africa, my soul was reaching for the extraordinary realm of art and it’s incumbent confusion and misery. It was ok to feel that way because its what joined me inexorably to the David Bowie and his creatures Starman and Ziggy. It became a way for me to make sense of my world. I resolved myself to being weird and it has served me well. In addition to being an artist I am also a businesswoman and a mother. I honoured my  artistic essence by naming my business Maverick Warehouse and my son David.


14 Mar

The thing about giving “giving back”  is that it always runs the risk of sounding worthy or “do-goody”. Its a  a tired phrase and doesn’t nearly do justice to the experience that certainly we at Maverick Warehouse have had with our own incubation program.  When the business was formed we decided from the get go, to integrate  into our DNA and business philosophy a strong drive to develop extraordinary talent. We identified the members of our close harmony group aca-Thatu and took the first steps on the journey to guide and support them, so that they can take their rightful place amongst South Africa’s top entertainers.  We saw in them enormous raw potential, all they needed was a little help and support on the way up. In the process of sharing our knowledge and expertise we have gained immeasurably in return.  We have developed a great love and appreciation of traditional Zulu music and a real reverence for the natural gift that the group possesses. We have learned a great deal about how easy and relaxed people with great talent can be. There’s no clutching of breasts and cries of angst in aca-Thatu’s rehearsals. Nothing of the high drama and delicate egos that we were accustomed to from our years as professional performers. Just a quite willingness to work hard, practice hard and make the best possible music. So in contrast to the traditional exchange of older more experienced artists giving back to young and up and coming ones…we feel quite strongly that it is us who have gained the greatest rewards.


“Art reaches it…

13 Mar

“Art reaches its greatest peak when devoid of self-consciousness. Freedom discovers man the moment he loses concern over what impression he is making or about to make.” ~Bruce Lee



12 Mar


This young band is making people sit up and listen. With their own cool take on traditional punk and metal, this group of teenagers are impressing audiences all over Gauteng. Watch out for their next gig.


8 Mar

South Africa’s ancient tradition of storytelling is being catapulted into the digital age. The same grand themes of love, peace, human frailty and hope that were once discussed round a bush fire are now being played out on the corporate and commercial stages of South Africa and the world.  The use of dialogue and narration are now not the only tools creators have to tell their stories. Beyond the barriers of the spoken word and language, Maverick Warehouse is exploring and perfecting the use of light, projections, dance, music and the miracle of the human body to portray stories in a creative and engaging way. It’s a medium that transports the viewer to fantastical realms that can only be accessed in the imagination. Its making the unreal, real, The fantasy, physical, it’s storytelling for the modern age.


Everyone loves …

5 Mar

Everyone loves as maverick… (Anonymous)